The History of Trrtlz Bracelets

In the summer of 2011, Trrtlz bracelets "were born" for fun on a Sicilian beach. The founders, who have always been close friends, are there on holiday together and know some girls. They exchange a couple of jokes with them and, for fun, they give each one a bracelet. The gesture of that sharing is immediately appreciated, and allows them to bond and remain friends even over the years.

From that day, like lightning, they understand that perhaps the idea of Trrtlz can please many other people, because it was born with the very idea of sharing.


A "real" bracelet is made, taking care of every aspect (size, colors, material…). In February 2013, 75,000 Trrtlz were distributed throughout Italy, between one request and another. In June 2013 others 100,000 in America sold out. After 2 months there are more than 2 million, on the wrist of mothers, children, children and people of all ages.


A myriad of new designs are created in collaboration with Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, NFL, NBA and many other international brands. Between 2015 and 2017, the spread of Trrtlz is viral: beyond 79 million pieces in the USA, not counting the UK, Germany and France. World stars of music and entertainment, of the caliber of Ariana Grande, Harry Styles or Britney Spears, wear them and love them, so much so that they give them away, launching them from the stages all over the world. In 2018 the Trrtlz are also in Dubai, South America, and Mexico. Even in Zimbabwe the Trrtlz are still worn by thousands of children, who use them to learn colors and names of animals.


After years of success abroad, the Trrtlz are finally returning to Italy to color all those who love adventures and sharing with their liveliness.

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